About the Blog

The point of this blog is to chronicle my thoughts as I go about the gargantuan task of re-reading everything Agatha Christie ever wrote. Which is a lot.  I’ll be using the first UK publication in book form, with possible excursions into U.S. editions where this seems appropriate. Alongside these I’m going to post about the various adaptations of her works as well.

The posts will vary in the amount of detail and analysis I attempt on each novel and short story. My focus here will mainly be on the texts themselves, although I might occasionally post thoughts on historical context, books about Christie’s life and writing and on other writers of detective fiction where relevant. I should also point out that I might go back and edit posts long after I’ve written them – but I’ll try and keep a record of any major changes.

Spoilers are inevitable, but I’ll do my best to warn readers of these in advance if there are spoilers for works other than the ones named in the title of the post.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome – please use the form below.



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