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New page added

I’ve added a new page with a bibliography of books and articles about Agatha Christie and her fiction. You’ll find it here.


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Agatha Christie’s Short Fiction

I’ve taken a slight break from re-reading Christie recently. This is partly because I’m also reading a million other things as well and need some breathing space. But it’s also because I’ve been wondering how best to tackle the short stories that Christie began to publish in 1923 and which are so characteristic of her output, particularly in the 1920s. Rather than simply reviewing each short story collection as a whole, I’ve decided to review each individual story as it appeared in print for the first time, followed by a review of any notable adaptations of the story that I can get my hands on.

To aid me in this I’ve added a page to this blog (the link is just above the picture at the top of the screen) which contains a fairly comprehensive chronological list of first UK periodical publication of Agatha Christie’s short stories. Where no UK periodical publication has been traced, I have provided the first known appearance in print instead. The list is largely derived from information on Wikipedia. Despite the potential unreliability of that site, this information (which has found its way onto the individual pages dedicated to Christie’s short story collections) appears correct to me – it certainly squares with what I already knew about these stories. Still, I thought I’d mention it, partly as a disclaimer and partly as an acknowledgment that I’ve taken this information from elsewhere. My only input has been to collate it into the form you see below. Some of the formatting is erratic, for which I apologise.

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